Slate Roofing

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Slate Roofing

Experience Timeless Elegance and Unparalleled Durability

Gulf Coast Construction offers slate roofing solutions that embody timeless elegance and unmatched durability. Our commitment to excellence extends to the artistry of slate, providing homeowners with a roofing option that not only stands the test of time but also adds sophistication to any property.

The Beauty of Natural Elegance

"Slate roofing is a testament to natural elegance. Our slate roofs are carefully selected for their unique beauty, creating a roofing solution that stands out with timeless charm."

At Gulf Coast Construction, we understand the allure of slate – a material that embodies both strength and aesthetics. Our slate roofs are sourced and crafted with precision to enhance the visual appeal of your home.

Unrivaled Durability

"Choose slate for more than beauty – choose it for its enduring strength. Our slate roofs provide unmatched durability, with a lifespan that outlasts many other roofing materials."

Gulf Coast Construction's commitment to quality ensures that your slate roof not only adds a touch of luxury but also offers long-lasting protection against the elements, making it a wise investment for the future.

Natural Insulation and Efficiency

"Slate's natural properties extend beyond aesthetics. It acts as a natural insulator, providing your home with energy efficiency and a comfortable living environment."

Beyond its stunning appearance, slate roofing contributes to energy efficiency. Its natural insulating properties help regulate temperatures, keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter, leading to potential energy savings.

Craftsmanship That Lasts

"Our slate roofing is a result of meticulous craftsmanship. Each piece is expertly installed, ensuring not only beauty but also a roof that lasts for generations."

Gulf Coast Construction takes pride in the craftsmanship of our slate roofing installations. Our expert team ensures that each slate is carefully laid, creating a roof that not only withstands the elements but also becomes a lasting symbol of craftsmanship.

Slate Specifications


  • Exceptional durability, with a lifespan of up to 100 years or more.
  • Resistant to fire, mold, and pests.
  • Low maintenance requirements.
  • Adds significant aesthetic value to the property.


  • Higher upfront cost compared to some other roofing materials.
  • Requires professional installation due to its weight and complexity.
  • Limited color options compared to synthetic roofing materials.

In conclusion, Gulf Coast Construction offers slate roofing solutions that combine natural elegance, enduring durability, and energy efficiency. Choose us for a roofing solution that transcends time, adding sophistication and lasting value to your home.

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I want to express my appreciation for the help Gulf Coast Construction provided in entering the claim for the hail damage to my roof recently.  The effort on my part was minor other than the initial call to the insurer and putting the claim in motion.  They handled all communication with the insurer in an attempt to capture all eligible damages associated with the claim.  The roof was changed in one day and clean up was excellent.  I couldn't be happier with the result.  I highly recommend Gulf Coast if you are considering a roof replacement.

Thank you to all involved with Gulf Coast Construction in getting this work identified and bringing it to a prompt and satisfactory conclusion.

Terry Lopez

Extremely knowledgeable and great at what they do. The team at Gulf Coast Construction and Restoration were great from beginning to end, especially when it came to dealing with the insurance company. I would recommend their services to anyone and everyone! They came out right away and were also able to complete the roofing job ahead of schedule.

Brandon Culpepper

If you’re looking for a seamlessly, stress-free route to obtaining your roofing needs, Gulf Coast Construction is the way to go. These guys made the process feel like a breeze when it came to getting my roof fixed. Communication is great, employees are very polite and professional, and they prioritize the client above all.

10/10 do recommend.

DeStanie Austin

Extremely well organized. Entire team began working as soon as they arrived. Tarps were spread to capture majority of debris. Clean-up was thorough. Final result exceeded all expectations. Thank you to all involved. Well done.

Diane Own

Gulf Coast Evolution
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